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The Southern California Gas Company (referred to as SoCalGas) is the primary provider of natural gas to the region of Southern California. Its headquarters are located in the Gas Company Tower in Downtown Los Angeles.

Rod angrily mentioned, "Absolutely the worst customer service ever. Years of mistakes by So Cal Gas to make a simple name correction on my account, that still isn’t corrected. And now a new problem, I was recently double charged for my monthly payment. I called so cal gas and they did see the double charge. I was then promised either a credit to my so cal gas account or credit to my bank account for $98.16, the amount of the overcharge. They said I should receive the credit in 3-5 business days. A few weeks later and no credit, so I called so cal gas again. This time they told me they mailed me a check for $98.16. However, they made the check payable to my father who died in 2001. I have no idea why the check was issued in his name since the overcharge clearly came out of my bank account."


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Laborer (Former Employee) says

"If you get hurt or if they decide they no longer see you as a team player, be prepared for retaliation in the form of field rides with different supervisors to identify deficiencies in your work or work habits. This is the beginning of your road to increased work load, bullying and Write ups used against you for future termination. Union is controlled by management who upon no disclosure increases work load and job expectations as they see fit bypassing contract negotiations. Shop Stewards are afraid of losing thier jobs so for get about fair tactics and ethics. Work load is unrealistic and don’t complain or you will be seen as a poor performer and you will be retaliated against for sure. Not many will speak about the reality of the working conditions because of the fear of being put on the poor performance list. Working here is tuff because of the politics so be prepared for a long sacrificficial career with no real and honest appreciation.BenefitsPolitics"

Communications (Former Employee) says

"Merit-based advancement does not happen at this company. Promotions are unrelated to performance reviews and/or achievement of individual or department goals.Good benefits"

Senior Software Developer Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a contractor in Socal gas for 4 months,the team which I worked was never supportive,very dominating and made me felt like I am in school.They do not like any new ideas and work on old technologies."

Technical Advisor (Former Employee) says

"The only reason that this company is still in business is because there is no competition in the marketplace. The culture is very old school. There exists a strong resistance to change, even if it shown that something will work and make a process better. The company also operates in cliques. If you are not part of the "In crowd" in most departments, you will be marginalized and ultimately run out of the company. The company talks a good game of embracing diversity, but that's all talk. In 5 years I never saw any examples of true diversity practiced within the company. They are very good at the practice of nepotism though. So, if you have a relative that works there and you get hired or want to get hired, that will work in your favor. I could never recommend the Gas Company as a good place to work for those simple reasonsdecent salaryeverything else about the company"

Technical Advisor (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for 5 years and the company is a dinosaur. The only reason that they are still in business is because they don't face any competition in the marketplace. There business infrastructure is archaic at best. Due to the large number of retirements taking place, there is a huge knowledge gap in the company, and it is increasing. This has caused management to place people in positions that they don't have the skill sets for. They talk a good diversity game, but in actuality they don't even come close to practicing what they preach.Good salary and medical benefitsEverything else!"

Administrative Assistant ll (Current Employee) says

"I've have Enjoyed working at Southern California Gas Co. In the time I have been here I have learned a lot about the Co. And how it runs day by day basis . I am considered part of the Team here at the Gas Co. My Manager and my Co workers are very pleasant people to be around and very helpful too. I would highly recommend anyone who has consider working here .The Adminsistration is very InformativeThat I am a Contractor only would of Liked to be full time"

Project Specialist (Current Employee) says

"There are no opportunities here. My technical skills are going to waste. The company offers no oppurtunity to learn new technologies. There is no enough work to go aroundJob securityNo oppurtunities"

Project specialist III (Former Employee) says

"I was a Document Control Specialist hired on as a contractor. When your contract ends if through Agile1, they don’t extend it. My manager was always thinking of ways to make me upset."

Market Advisor (Current Employee) says

"This job is not for workaholics. I would stay away if you are planning on having a real career here. There are only meter readers and call center employees here."


"7a-3:30p, 30 min lunch, 15 min breaks (2). Corporate red tape Management started going downhill. No one wants responsibility or to train. Soooooo much drama it’s unprofessional culture"

PT- Meter Reader (Former Employee) says

"Working as a meter reader is great excerise but can be dangerous. Lots of dog attacks.good workoutdangerous work"

Dispatch Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Many of the employees are not educated and have bigoted views. Salary is excellent for these people, or even people who have degrees. Everything is based on seniority. Lots of lazy workers.Pay, benefits, long breaksmanagement, too structured, old-fashioned"

Security Officer (Current Employee) says

"I feel my experience in rating the company fairly and effectively is because I work the the graveyard watch. If I worked the 6-2 shift or the 2 to 10 shift, I would probably have a better assessment of the the staff and company."

Engineering Associate I (Former Employee) says

"My stay at the Gas company was too brief to really give a fair rating. The people were great and their work process seemed good. They strive to provide excellent service in all they do.Free luncheslow salary"

Energy technician (Former Employee) says

"Management is a joke. Half of them are still learning the job. They hire people into supervisor roles who barely have enough experience in the field to do the bare minimum and it seems like they facilitate that type of work ethic."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lousy place to work. Everybody is out for themselves. All a bunch of phonies. I wouldn't recommend this place unless you do field work and are able to get away from the office politics.Good payEmployees suck"

Quality Control Inspector Technician (Former Employee) says

"Personnel mean well, but lack the authority and/or ability to get the job done. SoCalGas needs more leadership across all departments to adapt the company culture. Great company, bad bosses I learned you must always keep notes of everything even conversations with supervisors. If you do your work and stay under the radar you will be fine.OkOk"

Assistant, Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan (PSEP) says

"If you are not searching for a challenging career, this is the place for you. For example, most employees come in at 8AM and leave at 2PM. There is little sense of urgency and accountability."

Real Estate Planning and Major Projects Manager (Former Employee) says

"Southern California Gas Company is not for 'high-performers'. The company culture promotes overall harmony among employees, not focusing the employee's overall performance. FlexibilityCompany Culture"

Temporarily freelance (Current Employee) says

"Always facing new challenges. Learning every day as I work. Meet new people that are wise. Always working close with colleagues on assignments. Meeting new goals in terms of completing assignments before deadline.close to workneed to move up the to managment."

G Davies says

"We moved and asked for the gas to be shut off, obviously, of which they have record. They did not turn it off for a month and then cause of covid, they said they refused to shut off service and our home, for sale and vacant, got charged for gas service. Apparently they notified us of this by placing a tag on the meter (realtor never saw a tag, likely it blew away in a spring storm), SW even though they had our contact info as well. 6 months later, we asked for the service to be turned on and off all in one day so an inspector could verify the gas service worked properly. They have record of us asking to have it shut off afterwards and again did not turn it off. Finally it was shut off when new owners took ownership and so now we supposedly owe hundreds of dollars for their negligence. Sadly it is a monopoly so you cannot get gas service elsewhere."

Diana says

"I contacted the gas company and spoke to a young man named Mr Pena that said I couldn't speak to anyone else but him unless i filed a complaint. After listening to him tell me the customer service department didn't know what they were doing (basically it's not my job) He filed it for me and said i would get a call Monday no later than Tuesday. Now it's Friday. No call or message. He said I will get a citation. Nobody has spoke to me the home owner or left a name or contact information. They just come and put a tag on my house and leave. Then one day they talk to my son when he was over and left. He isn't an electrician he's an office worker. So I don't have a clue. I am the home owner. If I don't get a response soon I will make sure I share on the internet and news. I'm sure I'm not the first one to experience this laziness and lazy attitudes. This is not how so cal gas has done business for years. My mother worked the the gas co in riverside about 65 years ago. She was the bookkeeper. Yes THE bookkeeper back when one person kept the books with pen and paper. This so sad. And on top of everything because we are in a pandemic I can't go talk to. Person. You'd think they would try a little harder. Jobs are gold right now."

Jennifer says

"I used Billmatrix to pay my SoCalGas Bill... entered my acct# and paid with my EDD debit card. Billmatrix applied the money to a different acct "probably bogus". When I contacted SoCalGas they gave me the runaround with phone number that does not answer with a live person.
I sent 3 emails to SoCalGas... no response
Just got ripped off my a Billmatrix Scam probably.
Too Stressed to deal with a $50
I Am Done!"

David Harvey says

Mine was more than twice the "comparable" and I wanted to learn why.
The first question I asked was " I have a swimming pool with a gas heater, just as tens of thousands of your California customers do. Do the comparison numbers include that crucial gas useage???"

Duhhhh., no they don't and they don't have any numbers of similar homes that do have pools. I called SoCal customer service and they not only didn't have any more info on homes with pools, nor were they the slightest bit interested in even passing that along to whatever SoCal Executive Manager who might be "in charge" of this valuable program!
What a total waste of our time, and their money ( all built into our gas rates of course!"

Kyle Baacke says

"When asking for safety check on an essential appliance that was deemed potentially hazardous, I was told I would have to wait for at least 3 weeks to have it checked. That would be 3 weeks without heat in the winter. They told me that I could just use it anyways till then and take the risk. It is absurd to me that a company would put such a low premium on the health and well-being of their customers."

Johnny Jasso says

"Horrible, So Cal gas does not care about it's customers. They will not move around appointment to help accommodate, they just don't care, you can hear it in every voice you speak to when you call their cs line."

Deborah Jones says

"First of all, my stove was not hooked up correctly by their employee, and it would have resulted in an explosion had another person NOT caught It! That is very serious. Then they charge you a fee to pay with credit cards, and probably debit cards too, just like So-Cal Edison. Shame on them too. So Cal Gas has a ridiculously long time frame for appointments, meaning they come out between , say, 9 AM until 8 PM. Then the crazy lady employee asks me if I want to leave a key under the doormat?!!! Really? In this day, and age? I do NOT even know these people they send out, and keys under doormat are easily discovered by anybody at all. Only a total nut, and fool would leave keys for perfect strangers. I know of a few people who were ripped off by Gas Company employees, and Edison as well. Absolutely nothing was done about it, and the Pasadena, Calif. Victim, Julia Robinson, was quite upset, as was I, because I was there when it happened. The man told us to go outside, and wait, as he rifled through her purse, and whatever else. She was stolen from, and had I kept my purse inside her place, unattended, that would have been very bad for me as well. I had a very bad feeling, and there was NOT any legitimate reason for us to wait outside. We were plain stupid, and he was only there, supposedly, to change her light bulbs on the ceiling. TRUST NOBODY, ASK QUESTIONS, BE ASSERTIVE, or even AGGRESSIVE, and carry protection for self defense."

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